The War of Words

War_of_words_coverBattles against darkness, a quest for truth, and a search for the book that no one can read are all part of the fantasy adventure in The War of Words. As an evil sorcerer wages war with mysterious shadows and seeks to gain control by confusing the residents as to what’s real and what isn’t, the fate of the kingdom rests in the hands of Kelsey and Nicholas.

As the youngest officer in the king’s army, Kelsey fights the evil sorcerer’s shadows on the battlefield as she explores the kingdom searching for the key to winning the war. Nicholas, a young sorcerer in training who is mastering his craft, discovers how the right words can change the course of the future.

Explore an enchanted maze, uncover the power of words, and learn about friendship in this whimsical tale.

The War of Words is the third and final volume in The Kingdom Wars series by Amy Neftzger. The first volume in this Young Adult fantasy series was The Orphanage of Miracles, and the Second was The Orchard of Hope. While the books are written as part of  larger story, each one of the volumes deals with different life lessons and works as a stand-alone read.


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