Everything You’ve Heard Is True

9781940894041 Everything You’ve Heard is True is the second volume of original poetry and prose from author and painter Cory Basil. His writing is artfully perceptive and showcases an ability to uncover the beauty often overlooked within the most common of circumstances. The prose herein is as creative as it is insightful and leads the reader into captivating new literary territory.

Cory Basil’s voice is clear and touching. His focused observations on life reassure us of the warmth within the human spirit while embracing the rawness of the human condition.

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Author Bio

Cory Basil is an American author, painter and filmmaker. Blending gothic romanticism with modern poetic rhythm, Basil’s poems trust emotional honesty over the dubious truths to be gleaned from appearances. This philosophy also reigns in his paintings, where he conjures with a renaissance artist’s reverence for colour and light, revealing the soul of a baroque spectacle. His writing is honest, transparent, and artfully perceptive of the world around him. Although an introvert by nature, the truth of who Cory Basil is can be found in his writing. He currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.