The Shovel & The Hare


The Shovel & The Hare is an original tale created by author and artist Cory Basil. The heart of the fable concerns the folly of cleverness without work ethic. The additional writings collected for this volume were taken from an assortment of Basil’s work. These include a mixture of previously published pieces from Skinny Dipping in Daylight and selections from his forthcoming Fall 2014 release, Everything You’ve Heard Is True. Each hand-selected piece in this reader serves to showcase Basil’s observations on life as well as his visual acuity for finding beauty, sometimes in the most mundane of circumstances. His eye for detail is constantly perceptive even during fleeting exchanges with other individuals, making his work stand out as exceptional in its ability to capture these moments.

Note: This volume was a limited release and is no longer available.



Author photo by Donnie Smutz
Author photo by Donnie Smutz

Author Biography

Cory Basil is an American painter, filmmaker and author. His artistic approach blends gothic romanticism with the post-impressionists trust in emotional honesty over the dubious truths to be gleaned from appearances. His writing is honest, transparent, and artfully perceptive of the world around him.

His first collection of poetry and prose, Skinny Dipping in Daylight was released in 2012 and was well received by readers around the world. He has also written and illustrated a children’s book called The Perils of Fishboy: a Tale Split in Two. He currently lives in Nashville, Tenn.