The Perils of Fishboy: A Tale Split in Two

9780984803439Even before he had hatched, Finnegan Blink’s perilous journey began. Our first tale sets sail with the devious headmaster of the prestigious Hero Hatchery Schoolhouse plotting to prevent the safe arrival of new students. However, it’s an ordinary delivery driver, Sam Crawfish, who holds the fate of Finnegan in his aging claw. The question is, will Sam be able to keep his wits about him long enough to save the day?

In the second of our two tales, young Fishboy is forced to grow up behind the stoic walls of the Hero Hatchery Schoolhouse, where he is ridiculed for his differences and slow development. Here, he experiences all the difficulties of growing up — but with one additional problem: his tail fin is revealed to not be a fin at all, but legs like that of a human. As a unique creation stuck in a strange cycle of evolution,  Fishboy is uprooted from his home and forced to find a place where he belongs. Within his newfound life, curiosity begets adventure, and he embarks upon a dangerous journey, chasing purpose and mystery. One by one each perilous adventure proves to be a character building step towards self discovery, as he crosses over from water to land –– a feat never before accomplished by any fish in the deep blue sea.

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Author Bio


Cory Basil is an American author, painter and filmmaker. His rich imagination drives the content of his work while his emotional honesty lends an authenticity to the pieces. His first collection of poetry and prose, Skinny Dipping in Daylight, was published in 2012. His artistic efforts have risen from the ashes of personal loss followed by consistent efforts to forge something new from the wreckage. He currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Author photo by John Scarpati.