Skinny Dipping In Daylight

Skinny Dipping in Daylight is the first published collection of poetry and prose from painter, filmmaker and musician Cory Basil. Offering readers an intimate and unvarnished view, revealing the experiences and fractures of a young artist in the forge of life.

At once subjective and universal, Daylight exposes the tenderizing drum beats of lives in motion: heartbreak, hope, divorce, God, death. The poems lay bare his – and our own – vanquished dreams, lost loves, missed chances, our abandoned quests. At once romance, travelogue, love letter and kiss off to the naiveté of youth, Basil ultimately gives voice to the difficult journey from revelation to just plain reveling in one’s peculiar existence as a living anachronism.


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Author Bio

Photo of Cory Basil, Author

Cory Basil is an American author, painter and filmmaker. Blending gothic romanticism with modern poetic rhythm, Basil’s poems trust emotional honesty over the dubious truths to be gleaned from appearances. This philosophy also reigns in his paintings, where he conjures with a renaissance artist’s reverence for colour and light, revealing the soul of a baroque spectacle.
Raised in Phoenix, Ariz., Basil is a lifelong poet, artist and student of the human experience. His first collection of poetry and prose, Skinny Dipping in Daylight (2012), rose from the ashes of several scorned selves – husband, scared child, devout Christian – and the ensuing fight to forge something new from the wreckage. He currently lives in Nashville, Tenn.

 Author photo by John Scarpati.