The Ferryman: Reading Group Discussion Questions

  1. What do you suppose first attracted Fate to Karen? Do you think that on some level Karen wanted someone else to control her life? Was she looking for another entity to blame for her troubles?
  2. Why do you think Jerome’s grave hadn’t been robbed before?
  3. If you were in Karen’s position, how would you handle Fate? Would you try to break the contract?
  4. Is it possible to outwit Fate? What are some ideas or strategies that might work?
  5. If you met a ghost from 200 years ago, what would you ask the ghost?
  6. Do you believe in Fate? Or Fortune? If so, how much control do these entities actually have? Is it the same for everyone?
  7. Why do you suppose that Karen could see the bones of ghosts? Is this symbolic of anything?
  8. The river appears multiple times in the story. What does it mean or symbolize? Could it have more than one meaning? Did you notice other recurring themes?
  9. The discussion between Fate and Fortune on genetics had each one blaming the other for defects. Is it possible to place blame for these things? Who had the better argument in this book?
  10. Why is Karen irresistibly drawn to Fortune? Is it something about him? Something within herself?
  11. Did you like Karen as a person? Did your opinion of her change throughout the book? Could you identify with her at all?
  12. What did Karen learn from Fate’s interference in her life? Did she learn anything from Fortune? Who taught her the most during the course of the book?
  13. Karma was mentioned but never fully appeared in this story. Why do you suppose the author didn’t fully develop the character in the same manner as she did with Fate and Fortune?
  14. Did you like the images between the chapters in the book? What was your favorite? Least favorite?
  15. Which ghost or ghost story was your favorite? Why?
  16. After the story in the book ends, do you think that Karen could still see ghosts? Why or why not?