Review of Things We Didn’t Lose by

Jazz, Pop, Jazz-Pop, Pop-Jazz; whatever it is you ultimately end up classifying it under, Nashville blues-rock-influenced duo Lucky Munk have an awful lot of spunk behind them.

Guitarist Tyra Elliott Neftzger, and drumming wife Amy have crafted what they call a fun Jamie Cullen-inspired EP of poppy jazz hooks, but with a John Mayer ensemble sensibility that shines through in each track’s instrumentation. Their debut EP Things We Didn’t Lose is set to drop August 23rd and is currently stream-able via Fog Ink.

The title track and “It Takes As Long As It Takes” are definitely standouts; you can check out the latter in the embed below. A couple fun jazzy cover songs also accompany their original work – so definitely hit up Fog Ink and take a listen to their interpretation of Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust – seriously… you won’t regret it.

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