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Psalmthing BlueFor Immediate Release.
Contact: Anna Norman

Invasion of the Inversions

As the name implies, Third Inversion is a little different. Those of us who are familiar with musical terminology will recognize Third Inversion as one of the more unusual chord structures. An inversion in music has to do with the structure of chords and which of the three or four notes is the lowest, depending on the effect the composer wants to achieve.

Likewise, the new release by Third Inversion, called “Psalmthing Blue,” is also something different. While the compositions are original, musical influences in them can be traced to Cole Porter, George Gershwin and even Frederic Chopin. The format of all the odd-numbered tracks is a traditional jazz/blues style, with variations in time signature and composition that sets each one apart from the others.

The jazz quartet is composed of drums, upright bass, piano and either electric or acoustic guitar. The group is tight knit and works well together, while admitting to occasional creative differences that all members of the group agree really make them stronger musically. “Jazz is all about new ideas and interpretations. That’s what makes jazz what it is,” explains Tyra Neftzger, the group’s guitarist.

Tyra NeftzgerTyra (graduate of Berklee School of Music, 1996), also the composer and arranger of Third Inversion, is as unique as the name of his group. While his primary instrument is guitar, his major influences are pianists such as Dave Brubeck, Gershwin and Chopin. He has worked in a variety of genres but identifies jazz as his favorite.

The tracks on Psalmthing Blue consist of seven radio-friendly cuts interspersed with acoustic interludes that link the pieces. Here’s how Tyra describes the concept behind the CD: “The blues is about hard times and difficulties. Everyone on earth experiences difficulties, even people who have faith. If you believe that God is there and looking out for you, it doesn’t change the fact that times for you are still hard. You might know that things are going to get better, but you still have to get through bad times. That’s what this CD is all about.”

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